Why I’m Only Buying Five Books in 2018

So, I’ve made a decision.

This year, I’m only buying five books.

Yep, over the course of 2018 I will likely visit many shops and stare longingly at the new adventures which grace their shelves, but I will walk away. This year, I’m buying five books and that’s it.

I’ve got far too many books that I’ve yet to read. It’s embarrassing, really. You would think I didn’t care about the books, that they were unwanted gifts. They look beautiful and sit sadly on their shelf, waiting for the moment I’ll finally give in and give them a go.

With a trip to Italy planned for the summer, there’s no reason for me to spend my money on books when I’ve plenty there. Instead, I’ll be saving it for gelato.

Wish me luck with my book buying restriction!

If you want to know what books I’m getting, I talked about them in the video below!


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