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Why I Don’t Request ARCs

A while ago, I decided I wasn’t going to request ARCs anymore. I already have a ton of books that I neglect to read, you know?

It’s almost as though a book loses a piece of its mystic when you buy it. In your head, it’s hyped up. You can’t wait to have it. There’s an overwhelming need to hold and devour and read it – but once you have it in your hands, ready to be had, that desire moves on to another book. Another story becomes a necessary read, another TBR that I’ll never think about twice.

You know what I’m talking about. I’m sure you do, and it’s just one part of the reason for why I don’t request ARCs.

Here’s the full story.

An Afterthought.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t request ARCs. I’ve received some  books that I’ve loved, ones I never would have considered otherwise only for it was free, and fallen completely in love with them.

Really, you could say you pay for the books with your audience’s attention and your time (and time is money anyway, right?). The length taken to read and review a book, promote the post and give it publicity – it’s all payment in kind.

There was a period where ARCs were pretty much the only books I could afford to have so I relied on them pretty much constantly.  I had sky-high library fines so that wasn’t even an option!

I’d like to know what you think – do you request every ARC going or would you just wait for the ARCs you think you’ll love?

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