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What’s A Reading Slump & Books To Get Out Of One

What’s a reading slump?

Have you ever found yourself putting off reading? You have a book you would love to dive into, but no matter how hard you try, you can’t bring yourself to open it?

Let’s be real — we’ve all been there.

Welcome to the world of reading slumps, where you could hold your new favourite novel in your hands with no desire to open it.

As a book blogger, a reading slump should go against everything I stand for. I love reading, adore writing and should always want to immerse myself in fictional worlds.

But if I’m honest, I spend as much time in a reading slump as I do in a reading frenzy.

It’s an awful life as a non-reader and I don’t want that fate for you. Here are the books I recommend you keep aside for the next time you need to pull yourself out of a slump.

Romance: Felix Ever After

Although it feels debatable,* everyone deserves love.

But for Felix, it seems like he’s the only one who can’t find it.

Then pictures of him before he transitioned are posted online, along with his dead name and anonymous transphobic messages. When Felix plans for revenge, it somehow turns into a quasi-love triangle.

In an honest story about identity and love, Felix Ever After will pull you out of your slump and help you fall back in love with reading.

*Like honestly, do I want to wish happiness for white supremacists, TERFs and rapists?

Non-fiction: This Is Going To Hurt

Step into the shoes of a junior doctor: 97-hour weeks, life and death decisions and a constant tsunami of bodily fluids.

This Is Going To Hurt is made up of anecdotes scribbled in the diary of junior doctor Adam Kay. This is the true definition of a rollercoaster of emotions, making you laugh, cry and question why anyone would become a doctor.

Kept in its original diary format, it lends itself to the thought of ‘I’ll just read one more entry’ until an hour later, you realise you haven’t stopped. Even if non-fiction isn’t your thing, it’s a must-read.

Dystopian: Flawed

Flawed by Cecelia Ahern's book cove. A woman walks on a road. The cover is green.

Everything about Celestine North screams ‘flawless,’ — her grades, her style and her relationship with her boyfriend.

Set in a world where you either remain perfect or suffer terrible consequences, Celestine North tries to help an elderly man in pain. But what if the world believes she was wrong?

As someone who was in a slump until I read this, Ahern has created a vivid world with moral complications that had me instantly hooked. Perfect for getting out of a slump, this is an addictive read that will consume you.

Mystery/Thriller: Grown

When legendary R&B artist Korey Fields spots Enchanted at an audition, she is dazzled by his life and the chance for her dreams to come true.

But when Enchanted wakes up with blood on her hands and no memory of last night, everyone needs to know – who killed Korey?

In this groundbreaking mystery, Grown examines rape culture and the vulnerability of young black girls. As you delve further into the book, you’ll find it impossible to put down. It’s an intense, necessary read for everyone in 2020.

Poetry: Every Word You Cannot Say

In me is a song no one can silence.

Hard to sum up, the blurb of this collection reads, “May this book find the person it needs to. May they find every word they were looking for.”

But somehow, this is the perfect description. Reading it feels like a hug, which is something every one of us could use right now.

This is a beautiful collection of poems that you can return to time and again. It will force you to pace yourself and pause for reflection as you consider its truth.

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