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These Are #FakePitMad’s Funniest Tweets

If you’re wondering why my eyes are extra green today, #PitMad took place this week!

Organised by Pitch Wars, it’s an online pitching contest that gives writers the chance to grab agents attention.

It’s something I’ve always wanted to take part in but you need a complete, polished and unpublished manuscript to join in. I’m around 45-50k of the way through my book right now and let me tell you – it’s not complete, never mind polished!

But with PitMad comes #FakePitMad, the hashtag that brings us some of the world’s funniest pitches.

I had a long scroll and here are some of my faves from the past year of #FakePitMad!

Have you ever taken part in #PitMad? I’d love to know how you got on, or if you’re getting yourself ready for the next one!

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