The Most-Anticipated YA Books by Black Authors

It’s impossible to have missed what’s happening in America. Rebellions against police brutality are happening across the states. What black people face daily is tragic, horrific and unnecessary. But through all this, I’ve learned something new: anti-racism. It’s not enough Read More

My Feminist Lit Readathon TBR

It’s February which means the Feminist Lit Readathon is on. Even though the month is almost over, I’ve decided that I’m gonna jump in and take part! The Readathon is hosted by ItsJaneLindsey and there’s five challenges. I’ve accidentally already Read More

Why I Don’t Request ARCs

A while ago, I decided I wasn’t going to request ARCs anymore. I already have a ton of books that I neglect to read, you know? It’s almost as though a book loses a piece of its mystic when you Read More