Everyone is the ‘something’ friend, whether it’s the dancer, the make-up lover or the pizza fiend. We all have something that defines us, and if you love to write, maybe that’s what you’re known for.

If it is, get your neck ready because this list is about to induce a lot of head-nodding.

  1. Your friend tells you a story and you wonder how much you could use in a book without them noticing.

    Usually some embellishing and name changes is enough.

  2. When someone asks if you’ll writing about them, you usually lie.

    Even though there’s no guarantee, you know that they’ll likely creep up somewhere. Whether it’s your adventures or fights or what they made you feel, they’ll pop up somewhere.

  3. If anybody’s looking for a book recommendation, you’re the first one they ask…

    You’ve come to the right place!
  4. You badly want a typewriter.

    There’s a novelty attached to being a writer who uses a pretty typewriter, even if you know you’ll never actually use it.

  5. You have a huge collection of notebooks that are so cute, you almost don’t want to write in them.

  6. You’ve a folder in your phone full of ideas.

    Realistically you could use one of your many notebooks for that, but that involves carrying it around (effort). Plus, it could get dirty (and did I mention the notebooks are all so pretty?).

  7. Killing a character is heartbreaking, but slightly enjoyable because you know how much it’s going to hurt others.

  8. You like to plan, whether it’s your next story or collection or just your day.

  9. You blog or tweet everything online.

    This will be fantastic for the biopic they’ll make about you when you’re known as the best writer of all time. You make sure to tweet a lot about your favourite books, tv shows and music just so they can really capture your devotion to the Gilmore Girls (which is all I’m tweeting about lately).

  10. You’ve lots of stories that you’ve started on your laptop. They’re not a priority right now, but you’ll finish them ‘eventually.’

  11. You’d rather have a job where your uniform is your PJs.

    You can’t understand the people who actually want to work in a place where suits are mandatory.

  12. On your sick days, you’re too sick to work but writing isn’t work, so you can still do that.

    All you have to do is move your hands and think. It’s not like you have to really do much, right?

  13. Whenever a friend has an important email or letter to send, you’re their proofreader.

    (And you love it.)

  14. Inspiration can strike anywhere and it isn’t always pretty.

  15. When you’re starting a new book, whatever is near-by, flat and disposable is your new bookmark.

    Receipts, chocolate bar wrappers, train tickets – they all work.

  16. To you, skipping an event so you can catch-up on your reading is totally justified.

  17. Or you turn down invites because you plan to write that time.

    Half the time you end up reading or binging BookTube videos you’re behind on, or just thinking about writing but not writing, but you still never regret not attending.

  18. But if you do happen to leave the house, you can’t pass a bookstore by without going in “just for a look.”

    You usually know exactly what books will be inside, but you still check in case you find a rare copy of that one book you love. Unlikely, but it’s worth a shot.

  19. When your friend reads a book and want a discussion, they run to you.

    They assume you’ve read it because you’ve read all the books. 

  20. Installed in your phone is a multiple of writing apps.

    You barely use most of them, because apps don’t make you write. Sitting down to write is how you write.

  21. You’re not a grammar snob, but you can find good English to be attractive.

    If you see someone on Tinder saying ‘should of’ instead of ‘should have,’ that’s pretty much as good a reason to swipe left as any.

    When they use a semicolon correctly.
  22. You have feelings towards different types of punctuation.

    Personally, I’ve a strong dislike towards exclamation marks (unless used ironically) and I adore em dashes.

  23. Once you finish reading a book, you have an overwhelming need to work on yours.

Did I miss anything? I’m sure there’s tons of other clues that you’re the writer friend. Let me know which ones describe you. I’d love to know!

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