Should Book Bloggers Be Paid for Reviews?

It’s never been a doubt in my mind that bloggers should be able to accept payment from brands in exchange for honest reviews of their products. In the beauty world, it’s well-established that many of the bigger bloggers get paid to feature and discuss makeup.

But for some reason when it comes to the book world, it seems many people disagree with being paid for book reviews. Whether it’s because money may taint the honesty of the reviewer or the larger book bloggers are actually bad at reviewing, I’ve heard a lot of different opinions.

Personally, I feel like people who have built up large audiences should be rewarded for exposure they can provide. To guarantee a blogger talks about their upcoming release, I think a publisher paying them is only fair.

This doesn’t mean bloggers should only talk about books they’re paid to discuss. Not at all. I just believe that if a publisher thinks a book would be a good fit for a channel or blog, the blogger should be able to accept sponsorship without fear of losing their trustability.

There’s a great discussion going in the comments section of the video on YouTube, if you’re interested in giving it a read and putting in your two cents. You can always comment here anyway and let me know – should book bloggers be paid for reviews? What do you think?

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