Review Policy

Please note: I am currently not taking requests from self-published authors for the foreseeable future. Honestly, I’ve been getting too many emails from people who haven’t read my review policy and I haven’t got time for it anymore.

Before you pop me an email about reviewing your book, please give my review policy a quick read. It may save us time in the long run.

FYI: All books featured have been bought by myself unless I say otherwise. While I may receive books from Netgalley or publishers, this will never lead to a dishonest review. If you don’t believe me, check out what I thought of Life is Like a Parade.

Preferred genres?

I love young adult and new adult, but anything romantic or in the fantasy genre is cool by my standards. Just not hella-mega long books. If I’d struggle to hold it in one hand, I’ll probably be less-than-enthusiastic to read it.

Preferred themes?

If it’s to do with mental health or feminism, I’ll probably read it. In saying that, I do sometimes get sick of those themes (it can get too heavy after a while, you know?) so they’re not necessary every time.

I haven’t read too much LGBTQ+ books so more of that in the world would be fantastic. If you send some my way, my ears will perk up. Same goes for anything that promotes diversity and inclusivity, but realistically a good book is a good book is a good book.

Hardback, paperback or ebooks?

While any will do me, I definitely prefer paperbacks. They’re easier to read and won’t die because I’ve lost misplaced a charger. I’ve a good five USB chargers for my Kindle right now. Can I find any? Nope. Time to make that six, I guess.

The most important part: Just because I’ve received your book for review does not guarantee a good review. I will be honest. It is your job to make a great book. My job here is judging how well you’ve done that. I don’t want to guide people towards novels not worthy of their time.

Think your book fits the bill? Sure it’s a good book that I won’t rip to shreds? You can get me at