My Quick YA Reads Recommendations: Mental Health Edition

I’ve suffered from a couple of mental illnesses in the past, but growing up I never read any mental health-related books. I didn’t even know they were a thing. The first book I learned about was Nothing Tastes As Good by Claire Hennessy, an eye-opening tale on anorexia.

Since I joined the book community online, I’ve learned about dozens of books to do with mental health. Honestly, I’d no idea so many existed – I always thought of mental illnesses to be taboo subjects for YA stories. For some reason it was never discussed when I was a teen. Sure I was dealing with depression myself at sixteen, but adults still didn’t seem to think of it as a topic for teens. * rolls eyes *

While I’m excited to write my own YA novels about mental health issues in the future, I figured until I can recommend you my books, we’ll all have to read something else. So I now present to you – drumroll – my young adult mental illness quick reads recommendations!

(That’s a proper mouthful of a sentence, I’ll tell you.)

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