My #ISATRAT TBR (I Suck at Readathons TBR)

If you missed my roundup of what’s happening in September, you may not have heard about #ISATRAT. It stands for ‘I Suck At Read-A-Thons.’ I’ve never completed a readathon, so when it comes to one with simple challenges, I am here for it.

(Just in case you don’t like reading [lol imagine], I made a video about my #ISATRAT TBR as well.)

Date: 18-22th September

There’ll be sprints and discussions on Twitter as this is more of a community-based readathon. I don’t take part in enough Twitter chats, so here’s hoping I’ll have a chance now between college, blogging and reading!


  1. Read the smallest book on your shelf.
  2. Read ten pages a day.
  3. Finish one book.
  4. Read a graphic novel.
  5. Read for at least twenty minutes per day.


So, there’s not many challenges to fulfil when it comes to choosing titles. Mostly it’s just simple reading aims! Anyway, here’s my TBR for the week.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Apparently it’s awful that I’ve never read The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I never saw the film because why do that to myself. The rule is to always consume the book first, film second, right? But once I finish the book, that film is all mine. 😍

We Were Liars

This is another one of those books I’m probably supposed to have read at this stage as a book blogger. It’s not a graphic novel, but I don’t own any of those so this will have to do as my substitute for that challenge!


I’m also hoping to get to Oasis by Eilís Barrett, a dystopian novel by an Irish teen. It’s one of those books about a crazy virus that threatens the end of the world. The author was only sixteen at time of publishing, which is something I struggle to get my head around. I know it’ll inevitably affect my judgement of the book as I’ll think “omg the girl who wrote this is sixteen,” but I look forward to it immensely.

Anyway if you’re interested in taking part, make sure you follow @ISATRAT2 on Twitter to join in. You can follow me at @BreatheandRead while you’re over there.

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