Must-Have Bookstagram Apps of 2017

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There’s so much work that goes into an Instagram account, especially when it comes to Bookstagram. You’ve to pick books, arrange props, choose hashtags and tons more. Honestly, it astounds me that anyone even bothers (until I take my own photos and I’m amazed at the prettiness and the validation of likes makes me feel good).

At the moment, I’m working on restarting my Bookstagram account. I’m already trying to figure out normal Instagram for my poetry/photography account and the one, so why not throw another account into the mix? This (potentially) makes me very knowledgeable in all things Insta.

Whether you need some tools to plan your feed, help with image creation or maybe a new photo editor, I’ve got lots of app recommendations for creating the perfect feed. I can vouch that they’re all available for iPhone because that’s my weapon of choice, but I’m sure most (if not all) of them are available on Android too!

From Snapseed to Spark, I want to introduce you to the handiest must-have apps for Bookstagram in 2017.

If you want some inspiration on different types of posts you can do for a Bookstagram account (it’s not all just pretty books on white backgrounds), you can check out my own account.

Don’t hold back on your recommendations for any and all Bookstagram apps. My phone’s still got space for a few more!

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