The Much-Needed Update Post

So, it’s been a while!

I hope you’re well. I am, anyway.

Just to give a quick update on why Breathe and Read has seemingly been left to die an untimely death, there’s been a few things happening!

First off, my laptop was very, very broken. It took three trips, a few confused technicians and €500 to fix it. Originally it was thought to be the hard drive causing the issue, but we got an SSD put in and it kept sporadically freezing. Next the RAM was upgraded and all the software was deleted from my laptop. Did that help? Nah. Finally, the entire logicboard was replaced and voila! Suddenly, my laptop works. Unfortunately, the journey from broken to fixed took well over a month!

“So it’s fixed now, Jessica! Where are the reviews you planned for last month? Why aren’t they at least up yet?”

Well, I’ve been doing a couple of courses! I’ve been studying at Windmill Lanes Studio the past three weeks, taking part in an extremely intensive radio bootcamp. Yesterday I was even on KCLR talking about YouTube, which led on to a conversation about mental health. It was great, but I’m slightly wrecked.

At the moment, I’m also doing an Adobe accredited course in InDesign. I’d love to publish a poetry collection one day, so InDesign would be a tad helpful in making that happen.

Not only that, but I was doing a workshop series the past few weeks too! This spurred me to create my new poetry blog, A Cluster of Wonder. Why keep lots of lovely poems on my phone when I can share them with the world? It’s a very chilled, schedule-less blog, so it’s nothing too serious. Also as an FYI – there’ll be a show with all the peeps who took part in that workshop series on in a couple of weeks, just in case you’re interested in attending. I’ll be performing there, if that makes it sound more interesting (or not).

This Monday I’ll be doing a different sort of show though – a radio show! From 12-1, I’ll be on, which I’m super pumped about. Genuinely, dying with excitement right now just at the thoughts of it. I’ve worked quite hard the past few weeks (I think), so I’m looking forward to seeing if I sink or swim in radio!

Sure if I fail, there’s always blogging. Because that’s  a sensible career option.

Just as a fun side-note – the Breathe and Read channel hit 200 subscribers! I’m amazed that people are still subbing, seeing as I haven’t uploaded in so long. I’m absolutely thrilled. Thanks to everyone for the support!

So that’s it, I think. My life wrapped up in a post. On Tuesday, you can be sure I’ll be back to writing the harshest reviews you’ve ever read in your life. Am I too mean? Maybe. Idk. I’m just being honest at the end of the day.


03 comments on “The Much-Needed Update Post

  • Aileen , Direct link to comment

    I’m hoping to make it along to the event on the 20th – it’s exciting to hear you’ll be performing! Also welcome back to the internet 🙂

  • Laura stevens , Direct link to comment

    The course sounds brilliant. My laptop has been playing up and then just as I’m about to look at getting a new one it’s sorted it’s self out! I hope the radio show is going well x

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