Hello Me, It’s You — A Collection of Necessary Letters for All of Us

Hello Me, It's You — CoverAt first you’d think Hello Me, It’s You is just another compilation of letters from young adults to their teenage selves. Hardly a new concept, I know. But with mental health experiences at the heart of every letter, this book becomes a necessary read for us all.

“You are worth being loved.”

There’s little to be said for this one. It’ll pour glue into the cracks in your heart if you let it. Some letters you’ll learn from, others you’ll cry with. Either way, each one will leave you a little more hopeful.

“There is no such thing as perfection. Stop striving for the impossible and just be yourself.”

Dealing with everything from panic attacks to schizophrenia, I can’t help but feel grateful to editor Hannah Todd for making this happen. Nobody is seen as a weirdo or monster. There is no judgement for the suffering described, even if other media would portray some of these illnesses as people just being “crazy.” This is just raw honesty filled with notes of hope.

Quotes from 'Hello Me, It's You'
Image created by ‘That Wild Soul,’ featuring quotes from “Hello Me, It’s You.”

Mental health is a big part of my life. My eating disorder began in my early teens and really upped its ante last summer. Lucky for me, I’ve been able to access services and with the help of my lovely GP, my anxiety medication has been a huge help. Now I can chill.

“You are more than a reflection in a mirror.”

While it wasn’t an eye-opener of any sort, Hello Me, It’s You is like a pat on the back. It’s the reassurance you need when no-one is there to say “I get you. I understand. It’ll be okay.”  At some point or another, you may find more comfort in the words of this collection than in your own mothers arms.*

*Unless your mother was a Saint of Saints. Or she has cookies in those arms of hers. Either or.

If you’re interested in getting Hello Me, It’s You, you can find it here!

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