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Five BookTube Video Tags To Do In 2020

BookTube tags are some of the easiest videos to make – and the most fun. I’ve just gotten back into BookTube again for the first time in years and now, my head is buzzing with ideas.

While it’s great to be original and start your own tag, you

Here are five tags to keep you going on BookTube!

BookTube Newbie Tag

Creator: BrendaC (her entire channel is private though!)

This has got to be one of the longest-running and most-used tags. If you’re introducing yourself to the BookTube community, it’s a go-to tag as it instantly shows the viewer what you’re like.

I’ve actually just rejoined BookTube and just like the first time around, this was the tag I used to get myself back to it!

The BookTube Newbie Tag Questions

  1. Why did you start this channel?
  2. What are some fun and unique things you can bring to BookTube?
  3. What are you most excited for about this new channel?
  4. Why do you love reading?
  5. Which book or series got you into reading?
  6. What questions would you ask your favourite BookTubers?
  7. What challenges do you think starting a BookTube channel will be the hardest to overcome?
  8. When did you start reading?
  9. Where do you read?
  10. What kind of books do you like to read?

BookTube Anniversary Tag

Creator: Book Your Imagination

With fourteen questions, this has got to be one of the longer tags but the BookTube Anniversary Tag is great for when you reach a milestone. Reading through the questions, you can see it’s basically a time capsule to capture the moment right now.

As someone who’s had a few channels across my years on YouTube, looking back your old videos is a great way to see how far you’ve come and reminisce! It’s a bit like a virtual time-capsule, showing what you loved when.

The BookTube Anniversary Tag Questions

  1. What anniversary are you celebrating?
  2. What genre(s) do you mostly focus on?
  3. What’s been your channel’s proudest moment in the past year?
  4. Do you receive ARCs to review?
  5. What type of videos do you enjoy making most?
  6. What kind videos do you like to watch from other people?
  7. Was there anything you tried on your channel in the last year that didn’t work?
  8. Have you done anything in the last year that you won’t keep doing this year?
  9. Is there anything you plan to do more of this year?
  10. Is there anything new you plan to add to your channel this year?
  11. What are some of the challenges you face with your channel?
  12. What equipment do you use for filming videos?
  13. What’s one piece of advice would you give to another BookTuber?
  14. What’s the best part of having a BookTube channel?

The Book Tower Challenge

Creator: joelBOOKS

Depending on how many books you own, this could be one of the easiest or hardest tags/challenges to do. In the original tag, you have ninety seconds to complete the challenge, but later polandbananasBOOKS adapted it to three minutes.

No matter which time limit you choose to go by, the aim of the game is the same – collect twenty books and arrange them in alphabetical order.

Sounds hard enough but when you add in the rules, it gets even tougher! It’s all explained on the BookTube Wiki.

25 Bookish Facts About Me

Creator: unknown (sads)

Whether you’ve just started BookTube or you’ve gotten a load of new subs recently, it’s always a good time to do this tag and let your viewers get to know you. Realistically, you could do the tag ten times over and it’d never get old.

Between this and the BookTube Newbie Tag, you could stick the two in a ‘Get To Know Me’ playlist as a place for someone new to get started on your channel.

And by the way, a polite warning: coming up with bookish facts is way harder than it sounds. I found the best way to come up with them was by watching tons of other people’s videos for inspiration.

The Intimidating TBR Pile Tag

Creator: Lindsey Rey (another private channel!)

This has got to be top of my list for tags I want to do. The Intimidating TBR Pile Tag will either bring out the inner show-off in you by making you look fantastic with how small your TBR pile is — or you’ll be mortified by the amount of books you’ve got to read.

The Intimidating TBR Pile Tag Questions

  1. Which book on your TBR pile have you not finished?
  2. What’s a book you haven’t had the time to read?
  3. What book have you not read because it’s a sequel?
  4. Do you have a book you haven’t read because it’s brand new?
  5. Have you got a book by an author you read before but didn’t really like?
  6. Is there a book in your TBR pile that you’re not in the mood to read?
  7. What book have you put off reading because it’s huge?
  8. Do you have a TBR that you mostly bought because of the cover?
  9. Which book in your TBR  do you find most intimidating?

If you like BookTube, you’ll love my channel! Here’s my video recommending quick YA reads.

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