What Book Do I Absolutely Hate? | The Book Sacrifice Tag

It’s not often that I’ll get hella personal on Breathe and Read, but I saw the Book Sacrifice Tag and thought this was the perfect time to start adding in a bit more of myself.

Created by Ariel Bisset, the aim of the tag is to choose which book you’d sacrifice for each challenge. It’s pretty simple. If you don’t already understand what I mean, you’ll get it once you read it.

An Over-Hyped book

I feel like this is a really obvious choice, but Twilight. I tried it twice, but don’t think I finished it either time.

You know the way you play Candy Crush, and it’s a pretty mindless way to pass time? You’re not doing it for any real reason. It doesn’t spark joy. Well, that’s the way I felt about Twilight. I realised I wasn’t enjoying it but I also wasn’t necessarily hating it, so I stopped and never returned.

A Sequel

I have to go with the second book in the Infinity series, Infinity Rises. In the first book Infinity Lost, a bunch of rich kids blag a tour of the largest corporation in the world, Blackstone. One of the kids on this tour is Finn, the daughter of the Blackstone CEO. Weird thing is, she may live at his house but she’s never actually met him. The tour turns into torture as an AI bot takes over Blackstone. As you can imagine, everything goes downhill from there.

I’m not the type of person to read a series too often. While I love a good trilogy, I have major commitment issues and so it takes a lot of persuading for me to commit. I am just a total stand-alones kind of girl. Infinity Rises is the sort of book where you can feel the standard of the series dropping, but you’re holding on for the ride regardless. There’re some questions you need answered – even if you know the answer, you still need to see if you’re right – and at the end of the day, you’ve already commit to the series. You’re attached to the characters. I’m not giving up on these idiots, because as small as the hope inside me may be that they’re going to get through this and come out the other side, I know that they will.

A Classic

Catch-22 is one of those books where I tried – I mean, I really tried – to enjoy it, but it just didn’t happen. I couldn’t do it. There was something in the style of writing that didn’t grab me, and I found each page to drag on. After fifteen or twenty, I gave in and realised it wasn’t going to happen.

Your Least Favourite Book

Adorkable. This is a book I got from NetGalley and it’s one of the worst reviews I’ve ever given in my life. It has some parts that are very rape culture-esque and as a feminist, that isn’t my thing.

If you agreed with any of my choices (or maybe you disagreed), let me know! I’m sure tons of people have done the Book Sacrifice Tag before. If you’re one of them, you can link to it in the comments. I know that Twilight has changed the lives of many, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you completely disagreed with me on it being over-hyped.

Anyway, I’ll be posting a new video over on YouTube tomorrow. If you’re not subscribed yet, please check my channel out. Anyway, slán!

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