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Let me get one thing clear – I’m not a newbie when it comes to book blogging, or even blogging in general.

I remember I was twelve, starting my first of many blogs, absolutely in love with the idea of writing things online that people might actually read.

A picture of me, Jessica Spencer, looking the best I possibly can. I've my hair straightened, full face of make-up and a snazzy black blazer. Because in my mind, reading was great and that meant writers were cool, you know? So blogging made me feel futuristic and deadly.*

*Irish slang for really freaking cool, not to be confused with fatal.

So here I am (picture for reference), years later in the middle of my twenties, reviving a book blog that’s cost me over a hundred euro in hosting fees even though I haven’t posted on it in years. Basically, I’m trying to convince myself I wasn’t throwing money into the GoDaddy* abyss.

*My blog is actually hosted by Spiral Hosting but that doesn’t roll off the mind’s tongue as much.

The Back To Book Blogging Tag

So here we go, first post back on the blog! Seeing as I did a quick Google and couldn’t find a tag to mark the occasion, I’ve gone ahead and made one myself.

Whether it was a choice you had made or time got in the way, this is for anyone who’s given up book blogging and come back to it. Maybe you were gone for a year, maybe a month. Doesn’t matter, because all that’s important is you’re back now.

The Rules

  1. Be a good egg and ping back the creator (i.e. me).
  2. If someone tags you, mention them in your post.
  3. Don’t be too serious – have a bit of fun!

What gave you the push to start blogging again?

The boring version: my domain and hosting subscription were up for renewal. I gave it a couple of weeks thought and decided to jump back into book blogging.

The exciting edition: ever since I stopped blogging, the world just didn’t seem right. It felt like a part of me was missing. Like I couldn’t breathe and read… (yeah, that was a dumb name joke)

If you could only read one genre, what would it be?

This is the part of the tag where I start self-loathing because damn, I gave myself a tough question.

I’ve always been a big fan of romance but for better or for worse, I’m mostly drawn to dystopian novels. Everyone is always going on about how there’s no market for dystopia and I’m searching high and low like crazy for anything to quench that thirst.

Have you always been a reader?

I’m the type of reader that nobody wants to be. I read on-and-off, a few books a year. One month I could fly through five books and then I won’t touch another piece of paper until the leaves have changed colour.

If anything, I’d say I’m more of a buyer than a reader. I’ll buy a book, think “wow, can’t wait to read it!!” and not touch it for three years.

If you feel personally attacked, you’ve got a friend in me.

What themes do you look out for when picking out a new read?

I’ve had my fair dealings with mental health issues so mentioning mental illness in the blurb can make a book a quick pick for me.

As a feminist, I like to read a plot that can challenge ideas of gender and tackle women’s issues. Asking For It by Louise O’Neill is one of my go-to books to recommend about consent. But then, Shappi Khorsandi’s Nina Is Not OK is a contemporary YA book that takes another approach to highlighting victim-blaming and sexual assault, while addressing mental illness as well. It’s a few years since I’ve read them both so they’re high on my list of books to re-read.

What book didn’t get a follow-on that you think deserves one?

There’s nothing worse than that niggling feeling where you know you’re near the end of the book but you’re not ready to leave the characters yet.

I usually find myself feeling that way with romance and adventure novels. Seeing as I’ve been focusing on reading dystopian stories lately, I don’t think I’ve felt that way in a while. It can all be so dark that sometimes I just want a good ending so I can put the book down and leave the bleakness behind!

I remember reading The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon last year and feeling a mix of satisfied and intrigued.

The book itself is one of those love stories where you think “this could never happen” but you go with it anyway. A young woman has twelve hours left until she’s deported from America so obviously, this is when she meets a cute boy. It’s effectively instant-love.

I’m not saying that it wouldn’t happen in real life, but you and I both know how the world works.

The book is definitely one of those ones where you Google it straight after finishing because you want to hear other peoples thoughts and learn what people think happens next. I won’t say any more on that though because we’re all trying to live that spoiler-free life.

Sure, there we go.

That’s it. That’s the back to book blogging tag, over and done with.

In case you want to copy and paste to do it yourself, here are the questions:

  1. What gave you the push to start blogging again?
    2. If you could only read one genre, what would it be?
  2. Have you always been a reader?
  3. What themes do you look out for when picking out a new read?
    5. What book didn’t get a follow-on that you think deserves one?

I’m not tagging anyone because I’ll be honest, I don’t know anyone relevant for this but feel free to give it a go yourself.

And now that you’re reacquainted with me, maybe you could let me know a bit about you. And I’d love to hear your answer for the toughest question from the tag – deciding which that is is up to you!

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