7 Stories You’ll Wish You Lived

We’ve all read at least one book where you  just wish you were a part of that world. If you could open a portal and hop on in, you would. So just to make you a little less saddened that we’re stuck in a world where Trump is a leader (ugh), let’s take a look at some of the best stories to live vicariously through.

The Princess Diaries

A dorky, unpopular teen in America has her life turned upside down when her grandmother announces she is to become the next queen of their country, Genovia. Make-overs, a cute partner and a tiara? Not jealous at all.


Matilda is one of the coolest kids on the block. Not only does her love of books make her one of us, but she teaches herself telekinesis! She never even used her powers for evil, because apparently she has morals. Can’t say I’d be the same, but it’s nice to know there are some good people out there (even if they’re only in books).

The Hunger Games

Okay, hear me out. Katniss Everdeen may have been living in poverty with dim prospects for her future, and she may have had a terribly rough upbringing. But still, she is fierce. She fights like a warrior but never loses her humanity. She shows vulnerability but can still make bold choices. We see her sacrifice herself for her sister Prim with her strength continuing to grow throughout the series. To say I envy her resilience would be an understatement.


Awful series as a whole, I know. But this isn’t about that. Tris goes through a major transformation in Divergent. She leaves her faction, proves she certainly is no “Stiff” and learns to throw a knife like a boss. Although if I was to live this series, I’d probably choose to be Tobias. Or you know, a minor Dauntless character who still gets to jump out of trains but doesn’t have to, you know, fight and whatnot.*

* I am definitely more Abnegation than Dauntless.

The Harry Potter Series

Possibly too obvious a choice but it has to be said. And look it, sure I’ve never actually read Harry Potter but I can still say I’d love to live in that world. Because come on, magic.

(Also I’ve seen a couple of the films and Hermoine’s love for learning is inspired.)

The Year I Became Isabella Anders

Sure, I gave this an awful review but that doesn’t mean the idea of having wild adventures Europe with my crazy cousin and grandmother doesn’t sound completely fabulous. Who wouldn’t mind having not one, but two guys I’ve fancied forever finally realising that I’m what their hearts beat for (lol okay that’s a bit OTT). Throw in the new wardrobe and sure, you’re set for life.

Confessions of Georgia Nicolson

As a teenager, I remember seeing Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging the week it was released. Giggling, swooning, falling in love with a fictional character — it all happened in that small UCI cinema. So when it comes to the embarrassingly-hilarious tales of Georgia Nicolson’s entire existence, I can’t help but feel I’d happily trade places for a while. I’d even be Jas if it meant getting to hang out with Georgia. Life would never be boring with her around.

And I just want to add, I relate to her on every level.

So, what do you think? Did I skip out on anything? Totally disagree with some of my choices? Let me know with a comment!

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