26 Reasons E-Books Are Better Than Physical Books

Discovering e-books has changed my life. It’s been over a year since my Kindle was gifted to me, reigniting my passion for reading. And you know, I won’t lie. I was wary at first. After finding my iPad was no replacement for a real book, my e-reader really changed the game.

If you haven’t been converted yet, let me share why e-books are changing the way I read.

1. When you drop a book on your face, you lose your page. If you drop a Kobo on your face, you might lose your nose — but it’ll keep your place while you run to A&E.

2. If you’re travelling internationally, you don’t need to worry about running out of books during your trip. Just find some wifi and you’ve a library at your fingertips.

3. Learning a new language? You can find thousands of novels to practice your comprehension skills without having to leave the country.

4. And speaking of language, if you don’t understand a word, you can always use the pre-loaded dictionary to look it up.

5. I’m not sure if there’s a version of this for other e-readers, but Kindle Unlimited. It’s basically Netflix for e-books. What a Godsend.

6. If you read low-brow books or are generally embarrassed by your reads, then your secret is safe with your e-reader. You can purchase discreetly and consume your next erotic novel in public without anyone judging you by your books cover.

7. When you do buy a paperback, it feels more special as you don’t do that too often anymore.

8. E-readers can often estimate how long it’ll take you to finish your current chapter and the book. It can even guess before you’ve started, so you know exactly what you’re committing to.

9. Eyestrain be gone! You can adjust the font size and screen brightness to suit your situation.

10. Apparently it’s easier to read on an e-reader than on paper for the dyslexics among us.

11. Want to save the world? E-readers are better for the environment (assuming you purchase 23 e-books rather than their physical copies).

12. If you finish a book and need its sequel asap, you can get it as soon as you’re online. No waiting. Not even in a queue to pay.

13. And did I mention that you don’t need to leave the house to buy an e-book? No human interaction required.

14. Cost of the e-reader aside, it’s far cheaper to buy e-books than their physical counterparts.

15. There’s tons of books available for free, including many classics that are in the public domain. The Great Gatsby is a personal fave. <3

16. Lots of authors are self-publishing digitally. By only reading books in the traditional format, you’re closing yourself off from thousands of writers who can’t print physical copies.

17. If you’re growing impatient with your latest buy, an e-reader makes it harder to skip ahead. It’s not just simply holding where you are open with one finger and turning to the back. Sounds like a bad thing, but really it’s great to stop yourself spoiling the surprise.

18. Many libraries have e-book lending services. While you could spend some of your life travelling to and from the library every week, I know I’d rather spend that extra time reading.

 19. Move around a lot? Gone is the effort of taking books off of bookshelves and sticking them back on in your new home.

20. No need to worry about bookmarks. Your e-reader has got you covered there too.

21. Personally I hate writing in books, so I love that I can make notes without feeling as though I’m destroying a masterpiece.

22. It happens. You buy a book that is pure rubbish and don’t know what to do with it. But with an e-book, you don’t the trouble to deal with storing it, selling it on or unloading it on a poor charity who will probably never be able to get rid of it. Just click delete and it disappears into the ether.

23. Never again will you accidentally tear a page and have to deal with the “what sort of monster have I become?” melt-down.

24. Can’t remember who a character is? Searching is easy peasy. Type their name and you’ll be shown every instance in which they appear.

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Try before you buy by downloading sample chapters. Sure, you can try books in the store too — little awkward having the shop assistant staring while you do so, though.

26. Reading while you eat is infinitely easier. You don’t need
to hold an e-reader open with one hand while you struggle to cut your chicken up with the other.

Still not sure? Hate the idea of e-books and just can’t ditch the paperback? Love the idea of carrying a library in your pocket? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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