Bookstagram Newbies: What You Have to Know When Starting Bookstagram

Are you a Bookstagram newbie? Maybe you’re looking to get off to a great start, or you’re established but you’d love to up your game? I’ve got the best tips for you. Read More

‘Just a Normal Tuesday’ is Icky but Okay

Content warning: suicide, grief.

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26 Reasons E-Books Are Better Than Physical Books

Discovering e-books has changed my life. It’s been over a year since my Kindle was gifted to me, reigniting my passion for reading. And you know, I won’t lie. I was wary at first. After finding my iPad was no replacement for a real book, my e-reader really changed the game.

If you haven’t been converted yet, let me share why e-books are changing the way I read. Read More

7 Stories You’ll Wish You Lived

We’ve all read at least one book where you  just wish you were a part of that world. If you could open a portal and hop on in, you would. So just to make you a little less saddened that we’re stuck in a world where Trump is a leader (ugh), let’s take a look at some of the best stories to live vicariously through.

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Rapid Fire Book Tag

Seeing as many people do the rapid fire book tag at a leisurely pace, I figured it was about time someone showed them how it’s done. Read More

Read-o-Rama Readathon TBR

This week, the Read-o-Rama Readathon is taking place. Devastated that I couldn’t record my TBR in time, it only just hit me that I in fact have a book blog where I can publish bookish things. This weeks readathon takes place from the 12th March to the 19th, so it’s not too late to join Read More

A photo of Jessica Spencer holding some feminist books, with the text "Feminist Book Haul" on it.

Feminist Book Haul

As a major feminist, I figured I’d show off a few of my feminism-related books! Read More

Is Cancelling Milo’s Book a Violation of Free Speech?

You know the way publishers get hundreds – possibly thousands – of manuscripts submit to them each year? And so after careful consideration, they publish the best of the bunch (read: what’ll turn the highest profit) and the rest are sent those all-too-familiar “soz you suck!” emails.

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I joined the Booktube community this week and decided to do the Booktube newbie tag as my first video! I’ve left the questions below if you want to give it a go yourself. Read More

Hello Me, It’s You — A Collection of Necessary Letters for All of Us

At first you’d think Hello Me, It’s You is just another compilation of letters from young adults to their teenage selves. Hardly a new concept, I know. But with mental health experiences at the heart of every letter, this book becomes a necessary read for us all. “You are worth being loved.” There’s little to be said for this one. Read More

Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet — A Diabolical Read

In Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet, amnesiac Maire has the magical ability to bake cakes infused with feelings. I thought normal cake already gave me all the feels — starts with happiness, ends with guilt – but we’re talking real emotions here. There are pastries and cookies and all sorts that can make you feel hope, love or just a little less alone. Sounds fantastic, I know.

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Feel All the Feels with ‘Nina is Not OK’

Content warning: alcoholism, rape. Read More

Learn How Not to Write With ‘Life is Like a Parade’

To be honest, I’m struggling to describe the set-up of Life is Like a Parade — so here’s the blurb I was given from NetGalley (who kindly gifted me this ebook so I could slate it).

“After twenty-seven months in the Peace Corps, the droll hero of this amusing tale returns home with one simple thing on his mind – he’s determined to kiss a girl. And not just any girl or any kiss, but an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime first kiss with Mandi, his beautiful next door neighbor. The fun mix of tension, humor, and life lessons in this heartfelt romance will appeal to readers of all ages.”

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‘Infinity Reborn’ is a Book of Nonsense

Infinity Reborn is the final book in the Infinity Trilogy. If you haven’t figured it out already, this means that the following review will definitely contain spoilers for the first two books (not that it matters — they weren’t great).

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‘Adorkable’ Tastes of Cheese & Rape Culture

Oh, how I longed to like Adorkable.

Self-proclaimed nerd Sally Spitz is sick of blind dates. Between her Mom and best friend constantly setting her up against her will, Sal has learned to perfect the art of scaring men away on the first date. There’s only one guy she wants — Becks, her life-long BFF. Read More

So Unrealistic, You’ll Cringe — ‘The Year of Falling is Love’

Continuing on from The Year I Became Isabella Anders is the novel The Year of Falling in Love. Finding yourself and falling in love? It’s a big year for Isa, who has the lust-of-her-life Kyler crushing on her. While she searches for answers about who her mother is and where she could be, Kai and Isa become so inseparable that Kyler becomes jealous. To make matters worse, Isa’s parents plan to send her to a reform school after she’s just started to fit in where she is.

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The Desperately Slow ‘Infinity Rises’

As a forewarning, Infinity Rises is second in The Infinity Trilogy by S. Harrison. If you haven’t read the first book, you may want to consider it as this review will contain spoilers.

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‘The Year I Became Isabella Anders’ is a Genre-Confused, Unstructured Mess

As the first part of an ongoing series, The Year of Isabella Anders is a novel to avoid. The synopsis led me to believe that this could be a sweet, standalone romance novel. Instead, we’re given a dragged out, unstructured mess.

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Laggy but Intriguing, it’s ‘Infinity Lost’

As the first in a trilogy, S. Harrison brings us Infinity Lost. Set in a perplexing, not-so-distant future, Blackstone Technologies is the largest corporation worldwide. Their innovative creations have dramatically altered the way in which society lives. Mechanical organs have replaced the need for transplants, and votes are held to decide on the weekends weather. But while the CEO Richard Blackstone changes the world, he only sees the pay-off from his secret mansion. Not even his teenage daughter Infinity “Finn” Blackstone has met him.

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The Dazzling Tale of Anorexia That is ‘Nothing Tastes as Good’

On a weekend in which I was reminding myself that ‘skinny means pretty,’ I finally had time to consume the dazzling wonder that is Claire Hennessy’s Nothing Tastes as Good. I was impossibly grateful. This is a book I needed in my life, and the timing could not have been more perfect.

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